Whether you’re launching OTT/VOD service, or live streaming a product release, we’ve got the video hosting features your business needs.

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Global Acceleration

Tencent Cloud has more than 1,100 CDN cache nodes deployed over many ISPs such as Great Wall Broadband Network across China. It has 200+ global cache nodes in more than 50 countries across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, supporting global acceleration of live broadcasting businesses.

Security All Around

Encryption, password protection, watermarking, custom rules… Your content is fully protected from screen grabbers, video downloading tools and unauthorized access.

Cloud Storage Management

Based on Tencent Cloud platform, we provide powerful cloud storage system to our customers. Our storage system is stream media oriented including functions like content upload, hot/cold storage, content management and video info search, origin server migration, and more.

Video CMS

The most powerful and yet easy to use video content management system, bundled with tons of features, saving you time when managing your media.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Use deep learning modes to identify the Cloud on Demand service scenario with relevant front-end processing methods and encoding algorithms, we can provide high quality video with a relatively low bitrate.

Low Buffering

Thanks to the Tencent Global Video CDN, anyone can play your videos and live streams instantly anywhere in the world with low buffering.

XMediaTV's streaming solutions works great for

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Education Institution


Film & TV

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Cloud Live Streaming

Cloud Live Video Broadcasting (LVB) provides an end-to-end one-stop real-time audio and video broadcasting solution, including professional and Stable real-time push, transcoding, distribution and playback services to user.


Cloud On Demand

Cloud on Demand is a solution that implement VOD function with cloud service. This solution includes audio/video upload, live recording, content management, automatic transcoding, video AI, content delivery acceleration, and player SDK.


Real Time Audio And Video

With TRTC(Tencent Real-Time Communication), you can quickly develop cost-effective, low-latency, and high-quality interactive audio/video services. Audio/Video Call Solution TRTC provides a client SDK that works across platforms and regions.


Mobile Live

Mobile Live Streaming SDK is an extension of Tencent Cloud Live Streaming service in mobile scenarios. It integrates the push/pull streaming capabilities of Tencent Cloud Live Streaming to provide you with high-quality live broadcast services for mobile scenarios and quickly meet the needs of mobile phone live broadcasts


Short Video Solution

User Generated Short Video (UGSV) is based on Tencent Cloud’s powerful cloud-on-demand capabilities for uploading, storing, transcoding, and distributing. It provides a client SDK that integrates functions such as collection, editing, splicing, special effects, sharing, and playback.


Beauty Effects Solutions

Beauty Effects SDK (Youtu Meishi) is a video processing solution jointly created by Tencent Cloud, Tiantian Ptu and Youtu Lab, include function like filters, beautification, stickers, gesture reconition and other real-time special effects, to create interesting video to fullfill user's various needs.


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