Campus new media solutions

With our powerful platform, education instituted could create campus media center without massive change and invest in labor and instrument. With our integrated platform, manager could easily collect, edit, audit, and distribute any content.


Feature introduction

Media resource library

Break through the data sharing barriers of all departments and media platforms, and realize the full channel interaction of news materials such as paper, pictures, audio and video.

One click release

One-time editing, multiple production, multi terminal release, full channel broadcast, and multi-dimensional evaluation.

AI media identification

AI feature could automatically classify pictures and videos, and accurately identify comprehensive information such as people, buildings and locations, which is convenient for users and administrators to search and query.

Material processing

With encoding and transcoding of a variety of audio and video content, our system support adding watermark and other copy right featues.

Our strengths

Powerful new media management tools

Our powerful management too could control all new media accounts such as: WeChat, micro-blog, tiktok, jitter, etc., between the accounts to achieve a key login, and achieve multiple release.

Analysis and assessment platform

It can track the communication status and the use of materials, and can evaluate the performance of departments and editors.

Support All media platform

Support full platform of tablet, IOS, Android, and browser.

Public opinion analysis and early warning

System's integrates monitoring provides early warning and analysis, which can predicts risks and opportunities in real time, and provides professional public opinion report and decision analysis.


Application scenarios

  • Campus news release
  • public opinion monitoring
  • Campus media management
  • Online learning
  • Interactive communication



Consulting services for solutions

Provide in-depth consulting services, develop cost-effective solutions.Our research and development experts will follow-up projects, and provide assistance to solve technical problems.

Powerful and efficent background management system

The background details are clear and controllable. Each data stream and node status can be controlled in real time. Real-time monitoring alarm system and accurate data report are provided

Backup Recovery

Real time mirror backup on the platform and business data to ensure the security of business data.

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