Prison interactive TV information release system

The solution of prison interactive TV information release system is constructed with software and hardware facilities such as visualization, automation and informatization, which plays an important and key role in promoting the reform system of criminals, education prevention and control system and management system, and is an advanced digital and intelligent Prison Information system engineering construction scheme.


Overall structure

The construction scheme of prison interactive TV information release system mainly includes three subsystems, in which the live broadcast, on-demand and recording and broadcasting of IPTV digital TV education system are transmitted through the internal local area network to ensure the service bandwidth.

IPTV digital TV education system

Including live broadcast, on demand, recording and broadcasting, mandatory insertion and other functions

Educational resources information release system

Including ideological education, legal publicity and education, behavior and development education, psychological education, cultural education, labor skill education, etc., which can be displayed in various ways such as video, text and document, and self defined sub column is supported.

Prison affairs public inquiry system

Unified access to the political and legal network system, fully considering the security planning of the system itself.

Product function

VOD function

HD video (1080p and above), supporting MPEG-1 / 2 / 4, H.264, Blu ray and other media formats. Video on demand supports drag and drop, pause and resume playback.

Live broadcast function

To meet the transformation of digital TV, through the network for real-time digital TV live viewing. Support live digital TV, live video of activities or conferences, etc.

Mandatory program insertion function

within the specified time, the terminal is forced to watch specific movies and live TV. It is managed by the background in a unified way. It supports the control of individual terminals, the control of terminals in groups, and the control of terminals in batches.

Prison affairs public inquiry system

Prison notice, laws and regulations, prison administration, education reform, labor reform, living hygiene, administrative reconsideration publicity, etc.

Authority management

Different permissions are provided for different roles of different prison administrators. Administrators in different prison districts can and can only manage terminal TV users in their own prison area.

Terminal management

Management terminals can be classified or divided into different regions according to the type of prisoners, so that different terminals can view different information contents.

System characteristics


The system adopts innovative advanced digital TV end-to-end technology, based on broadband network and streaming media technology and innovative technology, with industry-leading features, practical functions and advanced nature, to adapt to prison information construction and future development.


The server side of the system has high reliability, and adopts cluster and cloud computing technology, so the system has high stability.


The system is based on industry standard and has high scalability.

Ease of use

Based on the concept of serving customers, in view of the differences between prison industry and digital TV streaming media industry, the complex operation is simplified, which is easy to operate, easy to learn and use, and provides convenience for prison managers.

High cost performance

On the basis of seeking the best balance between the demand and the system function, meeting the needs of future development and ensuring the quality of service, we should try our best to reduce the investment cost for the prison side and improve the service quality.


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