Online education solutions

Based on XMediaTV's professional audio and video service, combined with the online education, our system provides an one-stop solution that integrate live broadcast, video on demand, content encryption, data analysis and other features to handle the rapid development of online education.


Live Broadcast

Provide stable, smooth, low latency, high concurrency real-time audio and video services to create a stable online teaching enviorment.

Video On Demand

Provide one-stop customized VOD services with Multi-DRM, CDN, and other related technology to ensure the security and efficency of the teaching resource.

Content Management

Our powerful content management system allow user to create a well organized course system for student.


Corss Platform

Support all mainstream platforms for different study scenarios.






Teaching Tool

Multiple Features to enhance study experience


Virtual Class Room

Provide an online virtual environment for one to one and one to many online course service. System also provides many other features to track students' attendance and performance.

Lecture Recording

Able to record online video course for playback

Online Quizz and Test

Provide a dynamic question system. System could generate detailed reports for students such as high wrong rate chapters and related reinforced training advice.

Interacted Online Lecture

Online Lecture streaming support commend, pop up quiz, question asking and other features.

Course Libery

Provide lecture videos, practice tests, and other study material.

Management Tool

Multiple Features to enhance study experience

Course Management

Lecture publish, pricing, off shelf, recommendation, and other study material management.

User Management

User profile management, course student management.

Notification System

Notify user for lecture online and other homework due time.

Data Report

Student report, Sales report, Financial report.

Financial Management

Billing system, Record and more.


Application scenarios


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