Complete Service Guarantee

XMediaTV team promise to provide professional service to our customer and help them to create a complete functional system platform without barrier.

Professional customization

Our team will fully analyse customer's requirement to create efficient implementation plan.

Customer Oriented

All design and plan are focus on customer's need to create more possibility for customer to generate more profit

Comprehensive IT Service Plan

Our IT service team will follow all software flaws and provide complete service to ensure reliability.


Service Guarantee

  • Strong technical support
  • Rapid response and rapid deployment
  • Tailored
  • 7*24 hours after-sales service
  • Rapid product updates

Systematic Training Courses

System Management Training

The main technical instruction such as installation, implementation, management, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.

Product Operation Training

Comprehensive training from system functions, professional terminology, operating skills and use procedures, application scenarios, etc.

Real-Time Online Training

Customer service department provides one-to-one training and QA for customer through online forms (such as: qq, WeChat, email, video conference, etc.

On-Site Professional Training

Professional training and technical experts visit customer site for training and exchanges on product-related aspects


After-sales service

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Thank you for your attention, in order to better improve our service. We invite you to message, your requirement will be followed up and taken seriously.