OTT/IPTV Platform Streaming media system

Streaming media system could provide a variety method of transcoding process to protect video content and it is able to handle multiple input protocol. System mainly serve for video on demand (VOD) and live broadcast module. VOD is for static resource playback and live broadcast is for real-time channel playback.


Product function

Support multiple input protocols

The system supports all mainstream input protocols and provides a variety method for video source output

Video transcoding

Support custom bit rate output, the output bit rate can be custome configured or set as standard configuration.

Video storage

Video storage supports local storage or shared directory storage

Video encryption

Support video encryption to protect video content. Support all mainstream encryption methods like fairplay, widevine, and playready.

Multi voice track on demand

Support multi track file input, the file can retain or delete audio track. When the file is injected, the terminal can choose to play audio track by default.

Adaptive rate

System support adaptive bit rate. The playing bit rate will automatically adjust according to bandwidth status to ensure smooth playing experience.


Channel management System

Operator can be create, modify, delete and stop the channel according to requirements.

Virtual channel

System able to set up virtual channel for operator to put video content and advertisement in. Virtual channel can be managed and broadcasted like normal live channel

Multi resolution

Live broadcast supports multiple resolution output for a channel, so one channel can output multi-channel content with different bit rate at the same time.

Time shift

Live channel support time shift to view the past. Operator could define the maximum shifting time, and users can play back the content freely within the defined time period.

Live broadcast

Support dash and HLS playing protocol.

Anti theft chain

System equip with anti-thief chain to ensure video source's security.

Product advantages

Hardware level protection

Unofficial authorize device is unable to play DRM encrypted content, which physically reduces the risk of copy right leak.

Dynamic encryption

Compared to traditional encryption method, DRM encryption provides a higher level of dynamic encryption, and the content key is also transmitted in encrypted format.

Software level security

Decryption is handled in the operating system level security environment, and the key cannot be obtained from memory, which makes it more difficult for malicious users to attack.

Flexible operation

System support a fine detail controls, like defining the validity of the certification, adjusting the playback duration, and allowing offline playback.


Application scenarios (Live)


Application scenarios (VOD)

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