TV shopping system

XmediaTV OTT shopping system is a B2C platform for TV operators. It has lots of features and stable extendable structure. Operator could establish their own TV shopping system with relatively low investment.


Product features

product management

Could mange product's price, picture, stock status, and other related infromation. System also provide complete report of inventory, visit, and sales history.


Could manage product and classify them to relative category. The category group is also manageable.


We could provide coupon system for operator to create different business strategic.

Order management

System provides precise order management system to.

Order Information

Including the customer name, ordered products, quantity, amount and other information

Porduct information

Manage all product information, support insertion of goods, advertising, video, pictures and other information.

Member management

Manage member information of the shopping platform, add customers manually, manage points, check order situation, etc


Can create general flexible rules and specific points system accroding to bussiness model.

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