Digital Rights Management

Our system uses advance technical method to encrypt video content to control the edit and distribute of the copyright video. Our system supports all mainstream DRM protocols and it is easy to setup and operate. It is a one-stop complete system for user to increase the security and decrease the maintenance burden.

System architecture


Product features

Multiple encryption types

Our system supports widevine, fairplay and playready international DRM protocols

Encryption Coverage

Real time live broadcast, video on demand, and time shifting

Support video streaming protocol


Distributed deployment

The system can be implemented in a distributed way by deploy multiple scheduling nodes and edge nodes. The expansion of the network is flexible to handle high concurrent problems.

High availability

System can handle the deployment service in the primary and standby mode. When a node is down, other nodes can continue to work without affecting the service.


Decryption request contains anti-theft chain configuration, which can protect the key from being stolen.

Applied range


Product advantages

Hardware level protection

Unofficial authorize device is unable to play DRM encrypted content, which physically reduces the risk of copy right leak.

Dynamic encryption

Compared to traditional encryption method, DRM encryption provides a higher level of dynamic encryption, and the content key is also transmitted in encrypted format.

Software level security

Decryption is handled in the operating system level security environment, and the key cannot be obtained from memory, which makes it more difficult for malicious users to attack.

Flexible operation

System support a fine detail controls, like defining the validity of the certification, adjusting the playback duration, and allowing offline playback.


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