Big data analysis system

XmediaTV big data analysis system provides intelligent data process and analysis service for operator to achieve precise and useful report to polish their service. As a result operator can provide better user experience to the end user.

Product features

Real time user count

System can monitor the number of online viewers in each channel in real time

Real time viewers count for VOD

System can monitor the number of online viewers of each on-demand content in real time, and provide dynamic viewing report

Hot search

System could provide dynamic daily hot search list

One week hot topic list

Analysis of hot broadcast resources in the past week

Monthly hot topic list

Analysis of hot broadcast resources in the past month

User diagnosis

Analyze the viewing habits of each user to form a valuable user report

System status monitoring

Monitor operation status of the whole platform and ensure the quality of streaming

Personal recommendation

Provided personalize recommendation to each user according to the viewing records

Special episode

Special section is displayed in the recommended position, and the content is selected from the massive data

Related recommendations

System could recommend the related content for user to provide more possibility.

Application scenarios

Real time monitoring

The amount of online active user and the overall network status of the content broadcast on the platform at any time.

Review history

Quantitative analysis the past operation to improve the future service


Personalized Recommendation

Provide exclusive personalize recommendation for user.

Special Episode

During special holiday or scene, operator can create special related content collection episode.

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