XMediaTV content management system

Back Office system is developed by SDMC technology with industry level of security, reliability and operation management capabilities. It mainly provides service of operation and management for on-demand video, live broadcast, and other content.


Product features

Rich product system

Provide cloud computing, mobile development framework platform, video station, data station, user management station, hybrid cloud platform, intelligent operation and maintenance, security system and other products to help operator run business in an efficient way.

Simple management

Admit user has complete management authority of the Back Office system. User can access the system by browser to manage the whole OTT platform like configurate transcoding parameters, upload media resources, manage live broadcast, change advertisement, and more. The whole operation process is simple and reliable.


The cost is low

XMediaTV cloud service is charged based on actual usage and the price is relatively low. Cloud service also can significantly decrease the hardware investment and maintains cost.

Service integration

Highly integrated MSP (Media Streaming Platform), Tencent cloud streaming media, and Amazon streaming media, and other video platform. System also support all mainstream online payment protocol like WeChat Pay, Alipay, PayPal, and credit card. All functions integrated together to provide complete solution for operator.

Diversified configuration

Base on different need from customer XMediaTV provides variety of media service. The content in the application and service can be adjusted to meet any operational needs.


Create a variety of video cloud service to meet the diversified needs of video services

Public cloud

Provide customer-oriented public cloud resources, and deeply integrate public cloud capabilities with big data, AI and other capabilities to provide one-stop solutions for smart value-added services.

Private cloud

Provide private cloud for customer, it is an unique, isolated and high-performance cloud environment to fulfill customer's secure and dynamic needs.

Full customization cloud

Provide high customization service with bigdata, AI, and security features for customer to create a suitable cloud platform.

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