Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a layer of network architecture built on the existing internet. It uses high-performance EDGE nodes to accelerate the distribution of content delivery. CDN’s main purpose is to eliminate the negative factors in internet transportation to make the transportation of content faster and more stable. The CDN system can redirect the client’s request to the most optimal EDGE node by consider multiple factors such as distance between user and EDGE node, traffic load, and respond time etc.

System architecture


Product features

Request scheduling

The scheduling module will schedule the requests to the edge nodes according to the load status to ensure each edge node will not be overloaded or idle, and perform full usage of the server resources.

Distributed deployment

The system can be implemented in a distributed way by deploy multiple scheduling nodes and edge nodes. The expansion of the network is flexible to handle high concurrent problems.

High tolerance

When one edge node malfunction, the whole system will not turn down. System can assign another nearby edge node to continue the server while fixing the problem edge node.

Rapid response

The frequent request content will be cached locally in the edge node, and the following request will be returned directly from the local edge node to speed up the response.

Anti theft chain

Support anti-theft chain to protect content from malicious theft.


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