Advertising system

Advertising management system (ADMS) is a part of the content management system for user to distribute their advertisement precisely and efficiently.

Function introduction

adaptive to different device

Edit and manage different advertising spec according to the device type or advertising space type.

Various advertising types

Include pictures and videos advertisment.


Advertising scheduling

According to the different types of devices and advertising types, the operator could audits the content and distributes them base on specific time range.

Realtime Advertising Statistic Analyze

Our system will collect the statistical data from advertising like clicking count, playing count, and more. Then the system will generate a performance report for operator to make further decision.

Product advantages

Low cost and high efficiency, simple operation, flexible management, complete functions, safe and reliable

Multiple devices, easy access

TV, phone (IOS, Android), pad, PC, and web page.

Flexible deployment and stable system

Provide SaaS service or private deployment. Support web page, Mobile App, and system maintenance, to ensure the stability of the system

Real time monitoring, data analysis

The system could monitor the broadcast status of advertisements, reminds the operators for any error in real time and provides data analysis reports.


Application scenarios

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