Short Video Solution

User Generated Short Video (UGSV) is based on Tencent Cloud’s powerful cloud-on-demand capabilities for uploading, storing, transcoding, and distributing. It provides a client SDK that integrates functions such as collection, editing, splicing, special effects, sharing, and playback. Integrate Tencent's IM, social, user portrait data, and AI face recognition and image detection technology to help users focus on the business itself and quickly and easily implement short video applications based on mobile terminals

Product Features

Fully Functional

The SDK is powerful, providing APP developers with the most advanced short video functions such as video capture, editing, stitching, special effects, beauty, filters, green screen keying, dynamic widgets, publishing and playback.

On-Demand Integration

Tencent Cloud on-demand provides a one-stop cloud access service for short videos from work uploading, storage, fast transcoding, to video pornography and distribution, ensuring that users' works are viewed and shared as soon as possible.

Content Supervision

Combining with Tencent Cloud's on-demand pornography detection capability, it supports automatic porn detection and receiving the result after the video is uploaded. After uploading, the pornographic index can be quickly calculated for the business side to process.

AI Capabilities

Combined with the cloud AI engine, using technologies such as face recognition and motion capture to realize smart tags, smart covers, green screen keying and face pendants, etc., to achieve content classification and personalized recommendations.

Product Architecture

Rich And Scalable

  • After the SDK is integrated, you can shoot through the camera, or you can intercept the generated files from the live broadcast. Editing, splicing, adding filters, face pendants, green screen keying and other special effects can be made directly on the mobile phone, so that the developer's APP has a variety of short video creation and play methods

Powerful Cloud Package

  • Combined with the cloud capabilities of Tencent Cloud's on-demand service, users' works can be quickly uploaded and stored in the cloud, and Tencent Cloud's on-demand service seamlessly provides fast transcoding, pornography and video distribution. Ensure that users' works can be shared and viewed in the first time


Application Scenarios

Social Creative Short Video

Users can freely shoot short videos on the mobile terminal, and can use beauty filters, animation pendants, special effects plug-ins, green screen keying, smart editing and splicing to make videos, add personal creativity to short videos, and upload them in real time. Share great content with others

Interactive Chat

In the process of mobile chat, more vivid information is delivered through short videos that are uploaded along with the shooting, breaking through the traditional graphic chat method, real-time short video makes the chat more interesting, bubble subtitles and real shot short video can achieve more efficient and realistic interactive

Short Video News

The news content captured in real time on the mobile terminal can be used to share the latest information around with others, which is more readable and authentic than traditional graphic information. The fast upload, smart editing and cloud storage of short videos allow more readers to see interesting and true news content faster.

Questions And Answers

Professional consultations in specific scenarios can deliver richer and more authentic answers through efficient and convenient short videos. The short videos carefully recorded by experts and bubble captions can be used to effectively and quickly answer the inquirers’ questions and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the consultation .

Competitive Games

Users can shoot and edit live competitions in real time on the spot, and share exciting and critical links with followers across the network. Through quick upload, the latest match situation is shared synchronously, combined with short video special effects production, smart editing, etc., can more ignite the discussion about the event.

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