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Mobile Live Streaming SDK is an extension of Tencent Cloud Live Streaming service in mobile scenarios. It integrates the push/pull streaming capabilities of Tencent Cloud Live Streaming to provide you with high-quality live broadcast services for mobile scenarios and quickly meet the needs of mobile phone live broadcasts.

Product Features

Live Broadcast Capability

Thanks to Tencent Cloud’s years of audio and video technology accumulation, the mobile live streaming SDK supports real-time audio and video calls, enabling live video streaming between different platforms to communicate with each other.

Open Source UI Quick Integration

Provides multiple access methods including iOS, Android, Mini Programs, Web, etc., so that live broadcasts are no longer limited to devices and quickly build mobile live broadcast scenes.

Fast Live Streaming

The mobile live broadcast SDK cooperates with Tencent Cloud's cloud live broadcast service, using rtmpoverquic to quickly push the stream to Tencent Cloud, with lower lag and lower latency.

AI Ability Bonus

Recognize and locate human faces with AI recognition technology, realize real-time live broadcast interactions such as beauty special effects and dynamic stickers, and flexibly match rich scene applications.

Application Scenarios

Single Live Broadcast

Refers to studios, live event live broadcasts, press conferences, etc. There are only one (or several channels) of live streaming live events at the same time. The mobile live broadcast SDK provides stable push-pull streaming services to ensure that outdoor live broadcasts are also clear and smooth.

Free Broadcast

With the help of the mobile live broadcast SDK, iOS, Android, WeChat applets, Web or H5 pages can all access live broadcast capabilities, no longer limited by the environment and equipment, the host can start broadcasting at any time by picking up the phone.

Live Broadcast

The mobile live broadcast SDK supports live broadcast linking, and the interactive live broadcast solution completes video linking between the host and the audience, realizing two-way video call interaction and breaking the boundary of live broadcast one-way communication

Live Chat

Mobile live streaming SDK with Tencent Cloud IM capabilities allows viewers to interact with each other through chat, including bullet screens, comments, likes, etc., making live interaction more diverse and exciting

Applet Live

The mobile live streaming SDK is integrated into the mini program solution to realize various complex functions such as online live broadcast, two-person calls, multi-person calls, and live broadcast on the WeChat mini terminal, meeting the needs of online audio and video in most scenarios (Note : To use the live broadcast capability of the mini program, you need to have the qualification of the mini program live label and pass the WeChat review. The mini program live plug-in does not support the function of connecting microphones)

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