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Intergrated with Tencent's cloud live broadcast technology and WeChat ecosystem, our system provides lots of possibility to apply streaming media into many scenario such as cross-room interactive, internet radio, karioke, online education, voice chat, video chat, online meeting and more.

Product Features

Profound Technology Accumulation

Thanks to the powerful Tencent Cloud audio and video capabilities, the Applet · Cloud Live Broadcasting solution provides stable, smooth, high-availability and high concurrency live broadcast services, and quick access to Mini Program live broadcasts

Multi-Platform Live Broadcast Interoperability

Supports live broadcast on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, WeChat applet, H5, etc., so that live content can quickly reach users on multiple platforms

WeChat Official Certification

Provides a live broadcast plug-in for small programs that has been officially certified by WeChat, and the introduction of plug-ins can quickly and easily implant live broadcast capabilities into its own WeChat small programs

Professional Content Monitoring Service

Provide AI content monitoring and manual content review, automatic and accurate identification, more than 10,000 levels of concurrency per second, and return identification results in milliseconds to ensure compliance and control of live broadcast services

Product Architecture

  • The Applet · Cloud Live Mini Program plug-in can quickly embed live broadcast capabilities into your native Mini Program, allowing live streaming traffic to flow back to your own platform Mini Program

  • With the help of the WeChat ecosystem, you can quickly spread your live broadcast activities to various application scenarios through small programs, and cooperate with the mobile live broadcast SDK to support multi-platform playback including iOS, Android, and H5, creating a closed business loop

  • Based on Tencent Cloud Live Global Massive Acceleration Nodes and leading audio and video AI technology, we provide you with professional and stable live streaming, transcoding, distribution and playback services, fully satisfying ultra-low latency, ultra-high image quality, and ultra-large concurrent visits Requirements

  • Applicable to a variety of industry scenarios, such as corporate live broadcast, e-commerce live broadcast, education live broadcast, etc., to build your mini program brand

Application Scenarios


Live Event

  • Tencent Cloud Applet · Cloud Live broadcast service is based on Tencent Cloud live broadcast service, helping customers quickly establish online live broadcast events, and supports multi-channel live broadcasts such as iOS, Android, WeChat mini programs, etc.

  • Tencent Cloud Applet · Cloud Live Broadcast Solution provides four-in-one comprehensive protection such as anti-leech, URL authentication, Mini Program plug-in authentication, and HTTPS security acceleration; it provides professional and stable live streaming, transcoding, distribution and global

  • With Tencent Cloud IM, cloud-on-demand, short video plug-ins, etc., it supports functions such as chat barrage in the live room, likes and gifts, live recording, and recording and playback to enhance the live broadcast experience of the mini program

E-Commerce Live Broadcast

  • The Tencent Cloud Applet · Cloud Live broadcast solution supports live broadcast in WeChat mini programs, helping merchants to quickly build e-commerce live broadcasts with their own mini programs

  • Relying on WeChat mini-programs, new consumption scenarios and purchase paths have been constructed to improve transaction conversion efficiency and fan accumulation

  • Cooperate with Tencent Cloud's IM service, provide a variety of interactive forms to support product display, likes, chat rooms, etc.

  • Tencent Cloud's live broadcast security supervision solution is based on Tencent's 20 years of video security processing experience, processing illegal footage in seconds, supporting live broadcast and on-demand video over-inspection, and ensuring video content security


Education Live

  • The problem of unbalanced distribution of educational resources is becoming more and more obvious, and there are increasing calls in the society to solve the problem of balanced educational resources.

  • The penetration of the Internet into the traditional education industry will realize the redistribution of high-quality educational resources. People will obtain secondary education through online learning. People who are hungry for knowledge need a more convenient, fast and suitable learning method for their needs.

  • Online education breaks the traditional offline education model which is restricted by time and space. The WeChat applet gives online education an innovative model of more fragmented learning, which further promotes the maximization of resource sharing of high-quality teachers

  • For vocational education, small class teaching, K12 and other 1v1 or 1v scenarios, relying on the Tencent Cloud applet cloud live program and IM cooperation, it supports online classrooms and remote synchronization training, and realizes real-time interactive Q&A between teachers and students, electronic whiteboards, and course recording And other functions, it is convenient to stimulate the motivation of students, and it is also convenient to review after class

Training Live

  • With the expansion of enterprises and the development of globalization, the needs of many enterprises in internal cultural promotion, policy and ideological communication, remote communication, training and learning are increasing.

  • The Applet · Cloud Live broadcast solution helps all kinds of enterprises, governments and organizations to build and set up online training platforms with one click, breaking through the geographical and time constraints, and multiple channels to send and watch links to start training in real time

  • Fits the training scene, supports whiteboard brushes, inserting videos/pictures, live recording and other functions, enabling real-time discussions and private Q&A to greatly improve the training effect

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