Live Video Broadcasting

Cooperate with Tencent’s mature audiovisual platform, globally deployed cache nodes, and leading audio and video AI technology, Cloud Live Video Broadcasting (LVB) provides an end-to-end one-stop real-time audio and video broadcasting solution, including professional and Stable real-time push, transcoding, distribution and playback services to user. It fully meet the requirements of ultra-low latency, ultra-high image quality and ultra-high performance to support massive concurrent requests.


Comprehensive Functionality

LVB has a complete set of features such as beauty filter, audio processing, instant broadcasting on splash screen, low lag, live screencap broadcasting and seamless video definition changing. It is adaptive to various types of terminals and features self-adaptive uplink bit rate, which enable it to meet the needs of different application scenarios. It supports playback on any platform, making it easy for customized development

Global Acceleration

Tencent Cloud has more than 1,100 CDN cache nodes deployed with China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile and over many ISPs such as Great Wall Broadband Network across China. It has 200+ global cache nodes in more than 50 countries across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, supporting global acceleration of live broadcasting businesses

Professional Video Processing

LVB provides cloud-based transcoding and audio and video processing services for massive amounts of multimedia data. It can transcode audio and video files into suitable formats for playback through OTT, PCs or mobile devices, and able tp perform various operations such as cover screenshots, editing, illigal content detection and encryption.

Security Protection

Base on variety of live broadcasting encryption technologies such as black/white list, HTTPS bassed secure acceleration and URL encryption, LVB can achieve comprehensive detection and protection to eliminate piracy attack. In addition, it features a professional digital rights management (DRM) solution to fully ensure the security of video assets.

Video AI

With Tencent Cloud AI technology, our system can diagnose audio/video file contents and generate optimal specification for content playing. It also can detect pornographic, terrorism, and other illigal content to help our customer to lower labor costs and risks of violation.

Data Analysis

Based on big data analysis and covering different scenarios of various industries, LVB enables real-time control of push quality and identification of playback issues. It monitors system's status such as bandwidth, traffic, requests and concurrent connections in real time and provides detailed statistical results to help business running and expansion.


Live Gaming Broadcasting

LVB provides uplink acceleration, high-quality transcoding and delivery accelerate services for live gaming broadcasting platforms to create low-latency low-lag live broadcasting enviorment.


Live Show Broadcasting

LVB features instant broadcasting, color filter and manual exposure setup which are ideal for live broadcasting in the business.

Radio, TV and New Media

LVB provides a complete set of live video broadcasting services for radio, TV and new media industries. It can be quickly accessed by professional live broadcasting systems for specific fields such as news, and entertainment help customer transform from traditional media to internet-based new media.


Online Education

LVB provides a convenient one-stop service for the online education industry. The precious teaching materials and assets are comprehensively protected through the agile consoles with many security features like DRM, transcoding encryption and dynamic URL protection.

Live Ecommerce Broadcasting

LVB provides multiple methods for user to promote their merchandise like live streaming promotion, and recommandation broadcasting. with SaaS and other cloud service, user can establish their business easily.


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