Beauty Effects Solutions

Beauty Effects SDK (Youtu Meishi) is a video processing solution jointly created by Tencent Cloud, Tiantian Ptu and Youtu Lab, include function like filters, beautification, stickers, gesture reconition and other real-time special effects, to create interesting video to fullfill user's various needs.

Product Features

Precise Facial Recognition

Based on massive training data acquire from actual business such as Tencent's IM and other social networking, our facial recognition reachs the leading level in the industry.

Natural Beauty Effect

Through continue refine image fusion, image enhancement, and fine deformation control technique, we can provide real-time skin beautification, and high-quality makeup virtualization effect to our user.

Stable Facial Tracing

When processing facial recognition, our system can maintain stable face tracing while user turn his or her face in big angle. Even with dramatic facial movement, Our sticker feature can still trace user's face and mantain the effect.

Easy To Use

Beauty Effects SDK is available in offline to ensure the powerful personalized configuration functionality to be available anywhere in anytime.

Product function

The variety of special effects, real-time rendering preview provide users grate experience

Real time skin whitening, accurate facial recognition, big eyes and thin nose effect, face shape adjustment, scientific calculation for facial optimization, and multiple sets of daily P-map fashionable makeup, are available with one click to create natural beauty

Precision facial recognition, and stable facial tracing ensure massive dynamic effect include gesture recognition, dynamic trigger, 2D/3D dynamic effect stickers, etc to be applied during the video filming or editing.

Precise image analyze and real-time object edge tracing allow user to add multiple background effect.

The build-in high-quality LUT filter from P-map provides real-time color matching, image merging, image enhancement that allow the filter effect more natural.

Application Scenarios

Live Streaming

Our special effects SDK can apply to live video, interactive live broadcast, video call, video conference and other real-time video scenarios to create more fun and beautiful impression.

Interactive Broadcasting

The Beauty Effect SDK could provide a more vivid and intresting broadcast enviorment.

Short Video

With Beauty Effects SDK, short video producer could create intresting short video with rich image quality, and producer could save time in follow up editing.

AI Camera

Precise facial recognition and fast respond, could provide real-time skin whitening, filter optimization, natural beautification for user to record the priceless moment.

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