Cloud on Demand

Cloud on Demand is a solution that implement VOD function with cloud service. This solution includes audio/video upload, live recording, content management, automatic transcoding, video AI, content delivery acceleration, and player SDK.


Cloud Storage Management

Base on Tencent Cloud platform, we provide powerful cloud storage system to our customer. Our storage system is stream media oriented include functions like content upload, hot/cold storage, content management, video info searching, origin server migration, and more.

Global Acceleration

Tencent Cloud has 1,100+ CDN cache nodes across China covering China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, and over a dozen small and medium-sized ISPs. Outside China it has 200+ cache nodes in more than 50 countries and regions across North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, supporting global acceleration of live broadcasting services.

Extreme High Speed & High Definition

Cooperate with deep learning models, our system can identify VOD scenes and provide optimal processing and encoding algorithm to increase video quality with same bitrate. Alternative, this method also can maintain video quality while decrease bitrate.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Use deep learning model to identify the Cloud on Demand service scenario with relative front-end processing method and encoding algorithm, we can provide high quality video with relative low bitrate.

DRM Encryption

Cloud on Demand service provides a complete DRM solution which include content encryption, transcoding packaging, license generation, key management, and decryption for playback to prevent content leak.

Statistics Analysis

Cloud on Demand service can monitor the running status of the system like transition flow of video, client request, and concurrency and provides complete analyzed report.

Product Architecture

Cloud Video on Demand offers a one-stop audio and video solution. You can upload source video files to our storage management platform in various ways such as local upload, URL upload, API/Web SDK/UGSV SDK, and live recording. Customer can process the uploaded files with VOD’s powerful video processing services, such as multi-bitrate transcoding, screen capturing, encryption, watermarking and audit. The processed files are then delivered via Tencent Cloud's CDN nodes across the world.



Video Websites

Cloud on Demand provides video websites with a one-stop audio/video solution that integrates audio/video upload, transcoding, content management, and content delivery acceleration.


With Cloud on Demand, you can record and post-edit live gaming broadcasting and interactive live video broadcasting sessions. Our CDN edge servers across the world can help you deliver a smooth video experience for user anywhere, anytime.

Online Education

Cloud on Demand allows our customer to upload the teaching videos through the console or APIs. Your well-crafted teaching materials will be protected by three security layers: player password, blacklist/whitelist, and dynamic URL-based hotlink protection.

News and Media

Unlike traditional text-image style, Cloud on Demand features online editing for better content generation and faster news collection and release. With our service, you easily expand your news coverage for your readers and audience.

Community Content Sharing

Cloud on Demand offers features such as quick video recording, editing, and personalized materials such as face stickers, GIF stickers, subtitles, and filters for mobile devices. Such features enable end users to record videos, generate unique content, and share their stories in real time.

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